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Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Tools of Automation and systematization the process of attracting and searching candidates for a vacancy. Gathering information about the candidates (CV and other documents of correspondence). Collection of statistics of interaction with potential candidates. Planning an interview.
In the card of the candidate, you can immediately see when and which candidate was showed to the client

ATS (“Applicant Tracking System” ) – this is the key needed by the recruiter, as it allows you to collect applications of potential candidates, to plan cooperation with them and to find the best candidates for vacancies. It helps to simplify the work of a recruiter, as well as to speed up the search process and recruitment.

ATS allows you to implement the following functions:

  • The creation of vacancies 
  • Post of vacancy announcements and registration of candidates 
  • Gathering information about the candidates (CV and other documents of conformity) and fixing sources of interaction with them
  • Search for candidates from the applicants list
  • Planning tools for interview and reminder system
  • Reporting

Why recruiters use the ATS?

  • It allows you to automate and systematize the work of a recruiter.
  • Increases the efficiency of processing inbox resumes.
  • It prevents from unnecessary waste of time of the recruiter while improving the quality of work of a recruiter.
  • It allows you to close jobs quickly
  • It allows you to release the head. All important information about the candidates and the clients is stored in the system.
  • The low cost allows you to automate the task of recruitment. Access is available online, the entire base and history of working with the candidates is accessible from any location.