10% income from TalentScan goes to FoodforLife

“Instead of performing on stage – theatre actors set up a Volunteer Centre in Dnipro”, “The kind Lviv’s heart: How Galicia’s capital became a humanitarian frontline for Ukraine”, “Dnipropetrovsk region hosts residents of Donetsk and Kharkiv regions”… Thousands of warm-hearted stories, stories about mutual help, unity, non-indifference.  We can’t stay away either.  TalentScan as a

Talentwunder vs. Talentscan

vs    In this article, we compare TalentScan.pro and the German counterpart Talentwunder. What is the advantage and how will these platforms be useful to recruiters, HR managers? Talentwunder is an intelligent talent search engine with over one billion profiles from over 100 different networks. The system is equipped with an artificial intelligence  LEA, which

Comparison of TalentScan.Pro and Human Predictions

Comparison of TalentScan.Pro and Human Predictions Humanpredictions is a search solution focused on hiring technical talents and featuring a wide database (more than 36 sources). This service allows a real-time prediction of the candidates’ behavior who are most likely looking for new opportunities. The candidates’ professionalism rating is based on repositories on Github and participation