We continue to work. Our partners Food for Life continues to feed our civilians.

Remind you that 10% of TalentScan’s income would go to FoodforLife to provide food to internally displaced people from the war hotspots regions. The background to this solution is here.

FoodforLife in Cherkassy provides meals in both Cherkassy and Smela. The menu is very diverse.  There is a kichri, dal, buckwheat cutlets, carrot stew, dumplings with potatoes, baked vegetables, vegetarian pilaf with seitan and carrots and sourdough bread in their menu. There is a bun, biscuit, harbour porridge with jam, cherry rolls, pancakes, sweet balls, muffins, ginger tea with peach jam, pancakes, and kampot for those with a sweet tooth. For about 180 servings are distributed per day. The average cost of 1 portion is 30 UAH ($1). There are 8-9 volunteers involved in every day.

In addition to the food costs, FoodforLife in Cherkassy bought disposable dishes, a large pot and ladles, a gas burner, a large 36 litre thermos for the kirch, and diesel fuel for the vehicle used to deliver the lunches and provisions.

The Food for Life team in Cherkassy distributed more than 1,914 servings and 2,240 buns/cakes for a total of 34,100 UAH during the war period.

Detailed reports from FoodforLife in Cherkassy are available on their Facebook page.


You can send financial support to FoodforLife in Smela and Cherkassy via bank details:

Food For Life in Smela:

Recipient: Chepur Volodymyr Stepanovych

IBAN: UA163077700000026207012781255

PAYPAL: [email protected]


Food For Life in Cherkasy:

4441114424736351 (Perun Andrey)

PAYPAL: [email protected]


For more details, please, write us in private messages, please:

+38 093 788 42 09 (viber, telegram, watsapp)




You can also help FoodforLife by volunteering, making financial donations, sharing food and household chemicals.

FoodforLife’s official representative offices in different regions of Ukraine:

“If you have an impulse to kindness, act on it” (Douglas Coupland)

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