“Instead of performing on stage – theatre actors set up a Volunteer Centre in Dnipro”, “The kind Lviv’s heart: How Galicia’s capital became a humanitarian frontline for Ukraine”, “Dnipropetrovsk region hosts residents of Donetsk and Kharkiv regions”… Thousands of warm-hearted stories, stories about mutual help, unity, non-indifference. 

We can’t stay away either. 

TalentScan as a Ukrainian IT start-up decided that 10% of TalentScan’s income would go to FoodforLife to provide food to internally displaced people from the war hotspots regions.

FoodforLife is an International charitable organization dedicated to providing food aid. 

Its mission is to address the root causes of hunger and other social problems through the distribution of plant-based meals prepared with love.

A volunteer centre from FoodforLife Dnipro has been created where thousands of meals are prepared every day for those who are in need. All food is vegetarian, hearty: Indian pea soup (dal), vegetarian borsch, buckwheat porridge with vegetables, paneer, cheese. The menu is changed every day. Note that approximately 280 kg of food is needed to prepare the food and that’s only for 1 day. At the moment, there are about 30 volunteers involved in the project and their number is increasing day by day.

Below you can watch a video report about Dnipro volunteer centre, where  they cook for internally displaced people from the war hotspots regions:



You can also help FoodforLife by volunteering, making financial donations, sharing food and household chemicals.

FoodforLife’s official representative offices in different regions of Ukraine:

“Goodness is not a science, it is an action.”

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