ATS for recruiters.

One of the main modules for searching and recruiting personnel is Applicant Tracking System. It allows you to simplify the work of the recruiter, encrease speed of finding and hiring staff.

ATS allows you to implement next functions:

  • Processing and storing incoming summaries.
  • Correlating CV’s with the vacancy to which they were sent.
  • Individual work with each candidate in the process of hiring.
  • Work with social and professional networks.
  • Work with job boards.
  • Work with passive candidates.
  • Collect, store and work with a large amount of data.

Why recruiters are using ATS

  • Significantly improve the processing efficiency of incoming summaries with maintaining a high level of quality.
  • Saving recruiters time.
  • Protection employer’s HR-brand – recruiters do not contact with the same candidate more than once.
  • ATS allows you to collect and store a large number of candidate data. This can be used to further improve the efficiency of hiring, retaining employees, forming search strategies for candidates (HR Analytics and Big Data).

TalentScan.Pro is a SaaS platform (Software as a Service). It allows you to automate the task of recruiting staff. Access is provided online, the entire database and the history of working with candidates is available from anywhere.

All the functionality of the recruiter package:

  1. ATS – Manage vacancies and candidates
  2. Publication of vacancies in
  3. Chrome plugin – add candidates to long list of vacancy from LinkedIn by one click
  4. Search Console – all candidates from LinkedIn, GitHub, StackOverflow and popular job boards are aggregated in one place
  5. Database of your candidates with continuously updated profiles
  6. Unique algoritm of ranking candidates by professional skills
  7. Import candidates from CV’s
  8. Manage recruiters
  9. Dashboard/reports by all recruiters
  10. Smart notifications – you can contact list of filtered candidates by custom emails

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  1. ATS improve the decision-making process, based on quality metrics and quality intelligence. simplify and optimize work with candidates.

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