The Top Applicant Tracking Systems Annual Report (2017)


We present you the main sections of the global analysis, and the report itself chock-full of ATS with data and diagrams. Enjoy!

1. A list of the top 99 applicant tracking systems as of April 30, 2017

2. The top ATS systems by volume of job openings

3. The fastest growing applicant tracking software by % growth

4. The fastest growing ATS HR systems by % growth in clients

5. A discussion of other specific types of ATS’s

6. A few ATS trends we expect to see for the foreseeable future


The Criteria & Definitions


This year we analyzed the top 3,705 employers hiring right now and which ATS they use. These employers have offices all around the world but are mostly headquartered in the U.S. A few other key things to point out:

* Top of employers is different from most because focus was on the employers most actively recruiting as measured by the number of current job openings they have. For example even if there is a Fortune 500 company out there using an ATS, but they had zero current job openings, we exclude them from the survey.

* Collectively, the top hirers that was surveyed accounted for roughly 935,481 job openings. To put that in comparison, there were 5.7 million total job openings in the U.S. in February 2017, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

* 99 different ATS’s being used by these 3,705 top hirers.

* Some employers use more than one ATS system and both ATS’s was counted in those cases.

* What is the ‘Homegrown’ ATS? — You will see the term “Homegrown” ATS. This is not the name of a new software company. ‘Homegrown’ refers to an applicant tracking system that the employer built themselves. It may be as simple as a link that opens up the candidate’s email client or something more advanced involving enterprise databases.


The Top Applicant Tracking Systems (Overall)


Below is a complete list of all 99 ATS systems in the long table

Rank ATS 2017 Market Share
1 Taleo 25.51%
2 Homegrown 8.26%
3 Jobvite 7.04%
4 iCims 6.64%
5 Greenhouse Software 6.05%
6 IBM Kenexa BrassRing 5.53%
7 SAP/SuccessFactors 3.86%
8 ADP (apply2jobs, CandidateCare, WorkForceNow) 3.81%
9 WorkDay 2.94%
10 SmartRecruiters 2.91%
11 Lever 2.35%
12 Silkroad 2.08%
13 Ultimate Software/UltiPro 1.97%
14 CareerBuilder (TalentStream, 1.62%
15 Peoplefluent (formerly Peopleclick) 1.38%
16 Oracle Other (iRecruitment, HRMS, PeopleSoft) 1.24%
17 Monster ( 1.13%
18 Symphony Talent (Findly, 1.03%
19 Cornerstone OnDemand (CSOD) 0.94%
20 Newton Software 0.89%
21 Comeet 0.73%
22 ClearCompany ( 0.70%
23 Jazz HR 0.57%
24 Kronos 0.51%
24 Workable 0.51%
24 Jobscore 0.51%
27 BreezyHR 0.46%
27 Lumesse ( 0.46%
29 Infor (PeopleAnswers) 0.43%
29 Avature 0.43%
31 CATS 0.40%
31 Ceridian (includes 0.40%
31 Compas 0.40%
34 Deltek (formerly HRSmart) 0.38%
34 MyStaffingPro (AppOne) 0.38%
36 Prevue (APS) 0.35%
37 gr8 People 0.32%
37 0.32%
39 Hirebridge 0.30%
39 ExactHire (Hirecentric) 0.30%
41 ApplicantPro (JobMatch) 0.22%
41 ApplicantStack 0.22%
41 Google Hire 0.22%
41 PCRecruiter 0.22%
45 RecruiterBox 0.19%
46 Bullhorn (includes 0.13%
46 Technomedia (Hodesiq) 0.13%
46 iApplicants 0.13%
49 PageUp People 0.11%
49 PeopleMatter 0.11%
49 Pereless ( 0.11%
49 BambooHR 0.11%
53 CareerPlug 0.08%
53 BirdDog 0.08%
53 eRecruiting 0.08%
53 Hyrell 0.08%
53 Recruitee 0.08%
53 Luceo 0.08%
53 Resumeware 0.08%
53 Vitae ATS 0.08%
53 Hirelocker 0.08%
53 HireTouch 0.08%
63 AcquireTM 0.05%
63 ATS OnDemand 0.05%
63 Balancetrak 0.05%
63 Gild 0.05%
63 Snaphire 0.05%
63 Paycom 0.05%
63 Tribepad 0.05%
63 Advorto 0.05%
63 SmartSearch 0.05%
72 0.03%
72 JobDiva 0.03%
72 0.03%
72 Erecruit 0.03%
72 Hiredesk 0.03%
72 Hireology 0.03%
72 HospitalityOnline 0.03%
72 Humanic ATS 0.03%
72 iRecruit Software 0.03%
72 Jobscience 0.03%
72 Konetic 0.03%
72 MyTribeHR 0.03%
72 Njoyn 0.03%
72 NovaHire 0.03%
72 Paychex 0.03%
72 PeopleAdmin 0.03%
72 PeopleCapital 0.03%
72 Rullion Solutions 0.03%
72 Simplicant 0.03%
72 SnagAJob 0.03%
72 SpeediARMS/SpeedWare 0.03%
72 StaffingSoft 0.03%
72 TalentHire 0.03%
72 TeamWorkOnline 0.03%
72 Prescreen 0.03%
72 Decision Toolbox 0.03%
72 The Applicant Manager 0.03%
72 Zoho 0.03%


Top Applicant Tracking Systems by Market Share


This year we broke out the top ATS systems by hiring volume so that you can see which ATS systems have the most market share based on your typical # of job openings.

Top Applicant Tracking Systems for Employers With 1,000+ Job Openings

Top Applicant Tracking Systems for Employers With 250 to 999 Job Openings

Top Applicant Tracking Systems for Employers With 100 to 249 Job Openings

Top Applicant Tracking Systems for Employers With 25 to 99 Job Openings

Top Applicant Tracking Systems for Employers With 10 to 24 Job Openings

Top Applicant Tracking Systems for Employers With 1 to 9 Job Openings

The fastest Growing Applicant Tracking Systems


Here are 2 charts showing which ATS systems are growing the fastest this year versus last year.

This first chart is showing change in market share points (e.g. Greenhouse Software 1.58% last year to 6.05% in 2017 in market share versus last year).

The fastest Growing Applicant Tracking Systems by Market Share (gain in points)

The fastest Growing ATS’s by number of New Client Additions


You can see the fastest growing ATS systems by net new clients added among the pool of the top 3,705 ‘top hirers’ Ongig surveyed.

Keep in mind that the actual number of new clients these ATS software companies added is likely much higher because we are only showing the activity among the 3,705 ‘top hirers’ surveyed.

Other ATS Systems Used Outside the U.S.


Research focuses on ATS software used by top hirers headquartered in the U.S., there are many dozens of ATS’s serving markets outside the U.S. that are not in list of top 99 ATS systems above.

Applicant Tracking Systems for Small Businesses, Startups/High-Tech


For employers in the startup/tech space, the dominant ATS systems are Jobvite, Greenhouse, SmartRecruiters and Lever.

These 4 popular tech startup ATS companies are well-funded: Jobvite ($55 million in funding), Greenhouse ($60.1 mil.), SmartRecruiters ($54.9 mil.) and Lever ($32.8 mil.); and often tech startups prefer to use software from other tech startups.

There are plenty of other ATS systems that are successfully going after this lucrative tech startup market, including Breezy, Workable and CoMeet.

Some Trends to Expect with ATS Systems


There are a number of trends going on that affect ATS software. Here are a few:

The Best ATS Systems Will Offer “Content-Rich Pages”

ATS software that can embed video, HTML and hyperlinks will stand above those who can not. This is because ATS-generated job descriptions need to look as good as all marketing pages.

One-Stop-Shopping Versus “Best-of-Breed”

The major one-stop shopping HR systems will continue to push their full platform of modules while the newer best-of-breed of ATS Systems like will add additional functionality beyond just an ATS.

The new best-of-breed ATS systems are adding many new HR functions/modules by providing an open API to allow others to develop additional software for their platform.

ATS Systems & Artificial Intelligence

There’s a lot of talk about HR and artificial intelligence (AI). HR and talent management guru in Tech Jonathan Duarte share his thoughts on how AI will impact ATS software. He found 2 areas it will impact:


2017 is the first year that we see artificial intelligence (AI) being used in a major way to solve many the manual tasks involved with ATS software. Over, the course of the next couple of years, newer ATS companies will either build or partner to embed some of these technologies.

“Matching and Filtering” will either be the product of an add-on solution, or newer ATS systems will build their own.

Larger ATS companies might start acquiring companies in this space as the first generation of products get traction.


Currently some of the biggest barriers to speeding the “time-to-hire” benchmarks, are communication latency issues.

For instance, most ATS systems communicate with candidates almost entirely via email, yet we know that 25% of the US workforce doesn’t have a company email address. We also know that email is not a primary communication tool of Millennials or Gen Z who account for 30% our current workforce.

Try sending a personal email to a teen or twenty-something…don’t expect a response. Automating the candidate or interviewing process — — from setting interview calendars to scheduling drug testing or background screening to on-boarding — all require messaging of some sort (and email is inefficient to process this).

Artificial Intelligence can help automate all this ATS-related messaging through new messaging approaches like jobbots.


Many employers tells that they need analytics offerings that go beyond what traditional ATS’s offer. We expect to see many employers trying out new analytics programs — one early analytics solution that we see employers using is Adobe Analytics (part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud).

ATS Pricing & Selection


Picking the best ATS often comes down to price. We did the compare for 10 platforms here: Compared table.

About TalentScan is the full cycle recruiters platform with the AI for quick search of candidates from several sources simultaneously (Linkedin, TurboHiring, GitHub, StackOverflow,, Artificial intelligence selects candidates automatically based on the preferences of the recruiter and allows to immediately send the applicant an actual offer without leaving the platform.

The platform has customizable marketing campaigns for vacancies and self-learning artificial intelligence that gives the right clues. The platform can significantly increase the productivity of the recruiter, and also save money on the LinkedIn Recruiter package and on accessing resume databases on job search sites.

If you need help with recruitment software just click the “Try it now” link at the top of this page.

Our team would love to talk with you about ATS.




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