Where to find the back-end developer

One of the most important team players is back-end developers. They are engaged in the performance of everything that is behind the picture of the site itself. By “back-end” is meant all those actions that are performed on the server. The task of such engineers is to optimize and do everything so that the data is as secure as possible, their processing is as fast as possible, and users are protected. Back-end is one of the most valuable elements for technology companies.

Let’s talk about how to look for competent specialists.

Where to look?

It’s not that easy to find forums for backend developers. To do this it is necessary to study what programming languages ​​are used. Using this method, you can understand where to search for potential applicants.

First, you need to analyze the resources that are associated with the most used programming languages ​​in the environment – Ruby, Python and PHP.

Regardless of what tools developers use, good specialists are also interested in self-development, learning new technologies and exchanging knowledge and experience. So it is preferable to start communication not with advertising of an open vacancy, but with the question of what kind of project a person is working at the moment, what else would he want to learn and what is he interested in at all.

It is best to use ready-made solutions to search for candidates. For example, using the platform for recruiters TalentScan.pro, a recruiter can close all vacancies without using third-party resources. Try it today, register for DEMO.

What are the tasks of the backend programmers?

For a more productive communication you need to understand what the employee has to work with and what difficulties arise every day.

The first is the database architecture. Choosing the right database is an extremely important procedure, because access to it is a constant and necessary process. It is worthwhile to dwell on the instrument that is best suited for the solution of a specific problem, and be sure to be able to use it.

The second is knowledge of the set of communication technologies. A specialist should understand how computers communicate with users and each other.

The third is the ability to combine the high speed of the finished product with sufficient speed of development. The need to store and process large amounts of data is very high. And the choice of technology for the implementation of the problem affects both the success or failure in achieving the result. It is important to find a solution for a sufficient pace of development and the final speed of the system, and also know how to measure and test the indicators.

Why do employees go to work?

In addition to performing their direct duties, employees have free time during working days. We need to understand what they like. An additional reason and incentive can be:

1. Pleasant atmosphere in the team. For example, if someone makes a minor mistake for the first time, is it customary for the team to ask for advice or seek help from colleagues?

2. Fast integration. Programmers are interested in seeing the result – when the code they create is integrated into the product and will begin to work for users.

3. Leisure. Not the most decisive point, but engineers usually like, for example, pizza with beer on Fridays, celebrations for new platform releases, paid vacation, not counting vacation days, and so on.

The search for employees is a responsible task, because the key to the success of the whole company is its team. For the selection of good professionals, there are many services and tools. But to close vacancies, the best of them is to pay attention to ready-made automation solutions for recruiting.

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