Work with newcomers after they go to work

Finding a good candidate is often a difficult task. Even a qualitative drawing up of a resume, a recommendation or a personal interview will not help to determine how this applicant suits you. The art of hiring is creative. It needs to be developed. As well as it is necessary to develop their employees. Especially when they only come to you, and yet are not familiar with either the product or the market.

A new employee is an investment

Have you ever wondered what kind of cost is obtained for each new employee arranged in your company?

It is necessary to take into account the costs of a recruiter, the cost of working time for technical experts for conducting interviews, and the fact that a new employee receives a salary starting on the first working day. And the average period of the employee’s exit into self-sufficiency is 4 months.

So all those who left before this period – brings a loss.

What KPI indicators should be for beginners

Not everyone makes the KPI system flexible. But in vain. A new ward officer will begin to focus on the pace of work experienced, who are already familiar with the product and its technologies. And it can demotivate him. Therefore, you need to register individual indicators for beginners.

Break the plan

Divide the entire plan into certain steps, performing which the newly made member of your team will be able to reach the final goal. In the future, gaining experience, he will deal with this issue. But first you should help him.

Avoid creative chaos

Sometimes the visible results of work, regardless of the sphere, can be seen only after a certain period of time. So the cycle of the transaction of sale of the premium car can reach 6 months, or loading of the code on live only in some months after the beginning of a writing.

Motivate employees, and do not let them despair.

Do not let the newcomers go swimming

Attach a new employee to an experienced colleague, to whom he can apply.

The first three months will help to test all your knowledge and skills in real situations, immediately get feedback and quickly improve efficiency.

Of course, the mentoring system has the reverse side of the coin. So effective workers can defocus and stop showing results in their own work on projects. But for them it can also become an additional motivation and help beginners to learn from the experience of old-timers.

Using the TalentScan.Pro platform, you can quickly close vacancies in the company. And the remaining time to use for training and motivation of employees;)


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