Should CEO participate in the decisions of the team of recruiters?

The task of finding a competent employee is one of the most difficult that faces any business. If the company has a structured HR team, then the problem, at least, can be delegated and solved by experts who understand the entire hiring process and who know how to solve this problem in professional, methodical ways.

But what about organizations that do not have a full HR team? They still face the problem of the need to develop a human resources strategy, which solves the problems of finding, attracting and retaining talents. That is why so many enterprises, regardless of their size, rely on expert advice and assistance, which passes through a trusted employment partner.

Such agencies help enterprises of any size, offering scalable, individual recruitment solutions. It can be easily and quickly adjusted, depending on the size and timing of any recruitment task. Most often they work independently for business, or together with a recruiter in the state. Such agencies provide support and assistance to business, allowing it to grow at a pace acceptable to the company.

When working with employment agencies, the TalentScan platform will be useful, because the company will be able to follow the search process, and will also leave it to itself and will be able to use candidates for future searches.

But what if the CEO uses a personal approach to recruiting? Is this approach worth the time and effort of the CEO?

Of course, this depends on the CEO and the style of his management. But does every director really understand the complexity and subtleties of the HR process? The process of recruiting is quite a difficult task and has its pitfalls. And it is better to entrust this task to professionals, whether internal or freelance employees, rather than mastering the profession from scratch.

Does it mean that the CEO should not participate in the staff recruitment?

In fact, participation is desirable and is of paramount importance. Nevertheless, you should not participate in the whole process. The CEO must participate in the planning and approval of all areas of the organization’s HR strategy. This is necessary to ensure a clear plan that covers all possible situations. It allows the team of recruiters to take pre-approved and quick solutions to current tasks.

So the prescribed hiring strategy will reflect the true values ​​and brand of the company and the CEO’s participation guarantees this.

Thus, the role of the CEO is important for HR and job partners. They need to be given certain powers to find the best talents and make decisions. As for the very process of recruiting, it is better to leave it to specialists. And for the most qualitative and quick search, provide all the necessary recruiting tools.

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