Personnel selection as an important part of company management

Staffing is one of the most important stages in the work of personnel management in the organization of any size. With high-quality hiring of employees, the overall efficiency of the team increases and, accordingly, the profitability of the company. That is why it is so important not to lose with the choice and successfully invest money in the personnel potential of the enterprise.

Selection is a kind of hidden function that is carried out by the company to select from the list of available candidates the most competent of them. So employees are hired on the basis of their technical, as well as strategic requirements and tasks. Automatic evaluation of candidates by external sources (for example, GitHub, StackOverflow) allows you to determine the competencies of each IT person for its projects and achievements. Accordingly, the following standards are established for new employees.

1. Maximum competence and compliance with the requirements of the vacancy.

2. The costs of finding and hiring employees should be significantly less than the result of the work of the new person.

3. The hierarchy of management should remain the same with a parallel increase in new ideas.

4. The socio-psychological climate should not change.

5. Expectations of current employees from the organization are met.

The process of hiring employees usually takes place in such forms. Primary and secondary selection, and then hiring. In the process of recruiting employees, it is very important to take into account factors such as legislative possibilities and limitations, the nature and nature of the company’s activities, the labor market and the immediate environment, geographical location and so on. As a rule, the higher the post of an open vacancy, the more difficult and longer the selection process takes.

From the point of view of management practice, the following types of criteria are used in the search and hiring of personnel.

1. Qualification. Those that are established by regulatory documentation in a particular field or company.

2. Objective. Established in accordance with the real achievements of the candidate by some quantitative and qualitative indicators.

3. Psychological and personal. Defined by the qualities of a particular person, with the help of which he achieves great results in his professional activities.

It is very important to choose the right methods and tools for finding and selecting personnel. After all, they can increase or decrease the effectiveness level of this procedure.

For further convenience and shortening of the closing of future vacancies, it is necessary to compile a database of potential candidates for each open position. For this, at the stages of personnel selection, it is necessary to include programs for the registration of applicants and their testing in the personnel departments.

Quite often, when a recruiter leaves the organization, it means his loss of experience in candidates. The use of cloud recruiting platforms completely eliminates this problem because all contacts remain with the employer and can be used by the following employees.

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