Comparison of TalentScan.Pro and Human Predictions

Humanpredictions is a search solution focused on hiring technical talents and featuring a wide database (more than 36 sources). This service allows a real-time prediction of the candidates’ behavior who are most likely looking for new opportunities. The candidates’ professionalism rating is based on repositories on Github and participation in tech conferences. is a full-cycle platform for finding candidates and for the interaction between recruiters and job seekers. The platform has a self-learning artificial intelligence, which automatically makes a list of suitable candidates based on the preferences of the recruiter. Customizable marketing campaigns and affordable statistics for each open position increase recruiter efficiency by 40%.

Let’s compare the main benefits and differences of both platforms:

1. Candidates

Human Predictions is focused exclusively on finding IT talents. The recruiter has the opportunity to find suitable candidates not only on well-known social networks but also on the unique Internet communities like CocoalPods or Codepen. In turn, can be used not only in the search for IT candidates but also for recruiting such specialists as a Marketing Manager, SEO or photographer.

2. The candidate profile on the platform

For a recruiter any new program, service or platform should be: intuitively trained, convenient and effective. Both platforms have similar functionality but there are still dissimilarities.

The recruiter on the candidate’s profile in Human Predictions will be able to see brief information from each candidate’s social networks including the last twitter post or the last attended meetup events. For example, you do not need to go separately to the GitHub webpage you can quickly scan the profile and contact the suitable candidate directly on the platform.

The developers of the TalentScan.Pro took care of the entire effective recruiting teamwork. They created a possibility of commenting and transferring the candidate to the next stage being on the social network webpage using the Chrome extension. So, being on the Linkedin website you can leave a comment about the candidate and your colleagues will be able to see it while being working on the platform.

3. Communication

Human Predictions ensures that over 48% of profiles contain an up-to-date email address. The recruiter will be able to create email campaigns to attract and invite potential candidates for an interview using the platform. For comparison, collects as much as possible open contact data – email, Skype and phone. This increases the speed of work with the potential candidate and makes it possible to more effectively conduct a list of candidates through a recruiting funnel.

4. Vacancy posting

The benefit of TalentScan.Pro is the ability to publish an open vacancy directly on the portal or on your company portal. Candidates will be able to submit their applications directly and thereby get into our ATS system. The TalentScan.Pro platform will collect all available information about applicants during data processing.

5. Subscription costs

 Human Predictions  TalentScan.Pro
No trial-period

Minimum subscription:
90 daysPricing:
5000 USD per year for 1 user

Trial-period up to 14 days

Minimum subscription:
30 days
499 USD per month for up to 10 users

5 users per year 25 000 USD 5 users per year 5 000 USD
10 users per year 50 000 USD 10 users per year 5 000 USD

If you are interested in the TalentScan.Pro, they will be happy to organize an individual demo where you can observe all the main features of the platform. Please choose the most convenient time for you via this link.

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