“Difference from others” or non-standard job description

The standard methods of hiring personnel, starting with the words “Required developer” or “The young team needs a manager” will be lost against the background of the rest of the same. And the unusual vacancy that stands out among others brings more responses from applicants, especially young ones. And this means that it is not only possible to create creative ads, but also it is necessary.

The technology of personnel selection continues to evolve and change. In these conditions, the “employer’s market” is shifted to the background, and the “market of the applicant” becomes more relevant. The recruiter should involve a greater number of candidates with his proposal in order to choose the most competent applicant for his company. For this, vacancies should be more “sellers” and originally designed to differ from similar proposals.

In addition to informative description of the vacant position performs two more important functions. The first function is advertising. The description of a vacant place with a creative approach attracts more attention and increases the likelihood of response. The second is targeting. Description is a filter that allows you to attract desirable candidates.

FunCorp has chosen a very interesting way. No artificial frames they did not put themselves, because the company likes to experiment. The solution was rather unusual – to convert the usual text of the vacancy into a classic task with a formula that is understandable to programmers.

The company did not use this template in the future. There are several reasons for this.

First, the mathematical formula is not program code, and for many programmers over the prescription of the school years it is not clear.

Secondly, the format of the task can not be reproduced on the job search sites. Indents are obtained by curves, and the formula is constantly “broken”.

Thirdly, many can find inconsistencies, for example, that it is incorrect to compare one person and the whole team.

In any case, this option has brought benefits. After all, this formula the organization began to use when recruiting staff: at interviews and when comparing candidates. If you correctly outline all the parameters and formulate questions in such a way that they are gradually disclosed and evaluated in stages, the understanding of people improves. This technique gives clarity, because you understand what you want from the applicant, and you know what you offer him.

The example of this and many other vacancies shows that it is possible and necessary to combine the advertising and creative approach with the informative one. It is in this – the pledge of a successful announcement of work and the search for “their” people.

Experimenting is cool. And even if you plan to simply organize words and sentences into vacancies, the experiment can lead you to the ordering of something more.

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