“Keys” to find a good developer for a resume

Even an experienced IT recruiter who knows programming languages ​​sometimes encounters a resume that seems written in Chinese. And gathering at least some comprehensible information together, it is necessary to think out what all the same is written in the rest of the confusion. This process is exhausting and unpleasant. However, it can be worse – if the analysis of the questionnaire stops on the search for the necessary code words.

Excellent CV, an excellent profile in LinkedIn, an interesting cover letter – these are all indicators of a good applicant, but not always talent. What is it worth to evaluate IT HR in the first place and what to pay attention to?

A good developer may well not fit the requirements of a vacant position

For example, if you are looking for a Java programmer with six years of experience, you should not immediately refuse a candidate with a four-year. Curious applicants can quickly learn the necessary programming language, learn and learn new technologies. An analysis of the job seekers’ resumes is mainly based on an assessment of their inclinations and knowledge in the required field. This is much more important than a quick review of the resume for the presence of keywords.

What are the passions of the software developer?

Is it registered with GitHub or Stackoverflow? What is his reputation on these resources? Does he have personal projects, is he working on freelancing projects? What does he write about in social networks? Does he have hobbies associated with technology, in addition to working hours?

By the way, recruiting platform talentscan automatically analyzes the resources and shows an assessment of the skills of competitors. So you can not go separately for each resource, just on one convenient page, see the skill level of candidates.

Self-development and participation in various projects are significant indicators. And passion for your favorite business, passion for work and intellect are the leading characteristics of success.

A good programmer is lazy

We did not allow any mistake. However, it is worthwhile to understand that it is not about laziness of creating the appearance of work. We are talking about reducing the routine work, and optimizing the processes of writing code for further simplification. For example, creating a separate library for frequently used code, automating the process of building programs, using automatic testing of modules, and so on. Of course it is difficult to determine all this on the questionnaire, but such a person will tell the right moments, so that there are fewer questions later.

Continuing education

They are experts in the basic technology and try to learn something new. Explore the programming languages ​​that the hired programmer should know. Analyze additional skills that reinforce the main ones. When the applicant says that to study the new technology you must send him to the courses, you should think about his hiring. After all, if it was your candidate, he will figure it out and without courses. Moreover, he will weary you with his stories about the new technology, even if you have not heard about it before, and will explain why it is necessary to apply it.

Vast range

At the junction of science and various areas, the most significant changes occur. And a person with a predisposition to different spheres – humanitarian and technical, thinks more systematically and freely. Imagine how cool a front-end developer can be, who understands the psychology of perception. This is rarely written about in a cover letter, but you get such a person, you can think that you are very lucky. To see such skills, you can look at what courses a potential employee has done in online academies. In social networks, you can see which books are read.

On the first acquaintance with the applicant for the resume takes no more than a minute. This is not enough for in-depth analysis, but it’s enough to understand if it’s worth communicating with a person in the future or not.

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