How did we get into the Estonian Accelerator Startup Wise Guys

We – “TalentScan” is a platform with elements of artificial intelligence exclusively for IT-rekrutinga. With our help, the search for truly ideal candidates will be automated and as effective as possible. The platform is based on 250 000 profiles of IT specialists from Ukraine, as well as Romania, Bulgaria and Belarus. Each profile is confirmed by professional competencies and the direction in which there is a desire to develop. “TalentScan” conducts an additional analysis of the application in practice of the candidate’s skills. It is interesting that our platform allows you to select the same parameters for the same social networks, such as Linkedin, SOF, GitHub for the same parameters.

One of the latest news that we hasten to share is that our project “TalentScan” among the 11 other finalists reached the final of the Estonian accelerator “Startup Wise Guys”.

The projects from all over Europe participated in the selection. Before talking about the benefits of this event for us, we note that the accelerator is a business opportunity that helps start-ups, attract investments and supports in the process of product realization.

For us, acceleration means that we will have access to 150 European profile mentors in marketing and sales, with a great deal of experience in SaaS. This will also allow us to get as close to the European market as possible.

I would like to note that the key value of the “TalentScan” platform for the recruiter is that the search can now be conducted not in a dozen open browser-windows and other documentary chaos, but on one, but very convenient search panel with just a couple of clicks. From this we can conclude that we have not in vain been among the finalists, since our platform is unique in IT recruitment and allows the recruiter from now on to minimize the time consuming to find the necessary candidate, while increasing his own effectiveness.

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