Aggressive headhunting as the main method of personnel selection

HeadHunt is often used to hire senior staff. After all, there is an opinion that they are not looking for work themselves and often do not even plan to leave their current position. The main difficulty using the method of bounty hunting is that it is necessary to unobtrusively interest the potential candidate with the future opportunities that are provided to him. And every year this method is used more and more for hiring talents.

What is the difference between conventional and aggressive headhunting? In fact, this is a struggle between big players-corporations. But it is also used by small companies to hire employees, who in the future can significantly improve the organization.

Main elements:

  1. A new employee is treated as an asset that generates a company’s revenue. Therefore, it directly affects the financial condition of the organization.
  2. In the process of hiring, all employees participate directly or indirectly. This shows the level of corporate culture.
  3. The so-called personnel poaching. All the attention of recruiters is focused not on employees who are in active search, but on arranged senior employees.
  4. Material and non-material stimulation of the recommendations.
  5. Building good relationships with potential job seekers for closed positions.

Of course, as many will see, this method demonstrates unscrupulousness in the selection of personnel, but this is the realities of modernity. There are quite a few methods of work for headhunters. For example, it is practiced to appeal to a potential candidate on significant days – birthday, holiday, family holiday. It is believed that at this time a person is more receptive to new proposals and reacts positively to the calls of recruiters. In order to use this method, you need to constantly collect information about a potential candidate: to know his interests and family, hobbies, addictions and so on.

Another effective technique – “buying a new job” – is that all final candidates for the position are required to provide the potential employer with three names of the best experts from among former colleagues, including contact details. This information must be provided even before the candidate is offered to take up a vacancy.

Quite often aggressive headhunting deals with the recruitment of teams or departments entirely – by the principle of “giving them everything”, because it is believed that with this approach you can achieve two goals at once: to recruit staff with qualified personnel and to deprive a competitor of personnel.

Especially relevant is aggressive headhunting during periods of crisis or change in competitors. It is at this time that the databases of aggressive recruiters are replenished with job seekers most efficiently.

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