What to do if the old circuit does not work

Every year the IT outsourcing market grows by 30-35%. This is due to the fact that Ukrainian developers are in high demand in the TOP-10 specializations. All would be well, but only in the accelerated mode to prepare from 100 to 200 thousand new developers to cover the demand. This state of affairs is only one side of the coin, but the second we will now consider …

The customer’s need for “just code” from the developer is getting smaller, as the world of business is changing rapidly and the urgency in a certain solution at the time of release can generally be lost, so you need a constant review and in-depth analysis of customer requirements. For today in Ukraine there was a difficult situation: 5 offers to the developer, regardless of qualification, so the choice is made not by the employer, but by the developer. According to the statistical data of the DOU.ua project, 56% of IT market employees plan to change their place of work within a year. As you can see in small and medium-sized companies, it becomes more difficult to keep a qualified developer in the staff. Hence the question arises: what to do and how to find that very specialist …

IT – the market openly declares the use of evaluative factors of candidates’ behavior and the integration of artificial intelligence with several projects, among which “TalentScan.Pro” is gaining popularity. Its commercial launch took place in late April and according to numerous reviews, one can safely say that this is a real “desktop” and a set of all the necessary recruiter tools in one platform. So that you understand what the essence is, let’s look at the key advantages of this project. So:

Search Console – Linkedin 1-2-3, GitHub, StackOverFlow, Jobs board – details search in one place in one click

        This is a full cycle platform, that is, to search and interact with applicants, a full cycle of the most effective tools for closing vacancies is offered. As a result, productivity increases and the number of overdue deadlines decreases.

Fast Notifications in Search Console

       All the communication that you conduct with the applicant, safely remains with you, structured and analyzed, so that later on, thanks to artificial intelligence (artificial intelligence), you can select the best candidates for open vacancies.


       The platform offers an advanced search console that monitors 5 sources simultaneously: Github, SOF, the personal Google XLS Docs pull CVs database and your personal Linkedin connection, as well as your colleagues. Now, if you have contacts of a certain applicant, you do not have to wait until he adds you to his circle of friends to write him a message with a suggestion. Based on the description of functions, it can be concluded that with the advanced platform “TalentScan.Pro” IT-recruiting will be many times simpler and more efficient for energy costs and time frames.

Vacancy managers in TalentScan.Pro

It is important not to forget that the market is actively growing and rapidly developing in accordance with the needs of customers, and previously the leader in the search for job seekers – Linkedin is now losing its positions. Today the status of a recruiter is “15000+ …. 100 000+ connections “does not affect the progress in the closure of vacancies. Perhaps your experience is different from this assumption, but it is more an exception than the rule. New market demands require fundamentally different solutions. Therefore, the universal desktop for the IT recruiter – “TalentScan.Pro” today is the right modern solution in the current market conditions.

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