Instruction for hiring employees

The selection of employees is the key direction of the HR department in the organization. After all, the formation of the team begins with the search and selection of the right company for people. We will tell you more about the main stages of search for candidates and their subsequent employment.

Preparing for hiring

1. Set the goal of the post. This should be a finite, measurable, understandable, realizable and time-limited goal.

2. To prescribe 3-5-7 main tasks of a post proceeding from the purpose.

Prescribe the qualities

We clearly write a list of the qualities that are necessary for the successful implementation of the task and the achievement of the ultimate goal.

Writing a vacancy

We write a relief job – emotional and without a template, by 120%:

  • 20% – sale of the company in the introduction;
  • 30% – requirements;
  • 30% – duties;
  • 40% – conditions.

We describe as many positive conditions as possible, which will be of interest to the type of employee that we hire.

Job placement

We place vacancy on Monday to 9 am or Friday early in the morning. This is important because on Monday the maximum number of responses, namely in the morning. If posted on Friday, then we receive traffic for the weekend. For simplicity, you can use one of the ATS.

Flow Filtration

We overspend the excess:

1. We check who has read the vacancy to the end. How to do it? In the end, put the key, for example: “If you read it to the end, start the letter with the words …”. Plus, as a trick, we indicate in the text what we most need from a candidate, for example: “100% match the one described in the requirements.”

2. What results did the employee bring to his former place of work? What tools did I use to achieve it? What is the role of the candidate, and what is the role of the team? What has been improved with their own hands and on their own initiative in previous places of work? Who can confirm the above?

3. We estimate by 3 main criteria: measurability, verifiability and confirmability of the results.


1. First of all, we discuss the results described in the answer.

2. As much as possible, we ask in detail what has allowed the candidate to achieve these results.

3. As in the mind-map, or the diagram of connections, we reveal further and further, deeper and deeper the theme of its results, until we come across an empty one.

4. If everything is good, ask general questions about the interview.

Test 3 days

We prescribe the tasks for the test 3-day period in advance:

  • 1 Impossible task;
  • 1 difficult task;
  • many simple tasks for speed;
  • Several tasks for mindfulness;
  • communication tasks;
  • tasks that open the necessary for the post quality and skills. Each task must have a deadline and quality performance criteria.

At the very 3-day, we look at how quickly a person performs tasks. What the candidate does after completing the task (just sits / approaches the next / finds the task himself). How does it perform tasks? How consistent is the fulfillment of the quality criteria.

Further work

After hiring an employee, further work with them is to adapt, motivate and pump.

1. Setting personal goals for employees.

2. Communication with employees.

3. Conducting daily / weekly / monthly glides.

4. Automated training systems for each position.

Appreciate your employees, and they will reciprocate you.

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