HR branding for the employer. What is this?

HR brand

HR-brand forms the image of the employer – good or bad depends on him. And although the base of HR-branding is now at the stage of formation, adaptation to already existing tools of personnel management is also taking place. This is a fairly new trend, and more companies are starting to follow it.

Of course there are employers who do not need it. These are the companies:

1. in which the staff turnover is less than 4%;

2. monopolists of the region;

3. Conducting reorganization or approaching bankruptcy;

4. Do not plan further development.

To form a positive image of the organization, which will be of interest to potential candidates, you need to follow two main components.

The first is foreign policy. You must have a strong slogan and artistic image that will reflect the good qualities and values ​​of the company. The main thing is to display truthful information, because lying or hiding the truth will only worsen the current situation.

The second is domestic policy. So, if the slogan promises the candidate training and development, then it should be. If the task is to employ several employees, and not to be consolidated in the market, then branding is not necessary. But for the development perspective, especially when it is necessary to constantly update and obtain new quality personnel, this is quite important. After all, the intensity of the growth of the personnel market and competition among employers tends to increase. In these conditions, organizations with a good HR-brand will receive the best employees.

The five main points that you need to ask the employer for the development of the HR brand
1. What is the unique nature of the working proposal for a potential candidate? It is necessary to describe in detail the real advantages over competitors.
2. What are the goals of your company? And do they match the understanding of your employees? That is, are they the same goals of the whole hierarchy or is there a difference among the links?
3. Feedback. One of the most important questions. How do you track changes in the company with innovations? How do you consider positive or negative feedback?
4. What are the values ​​of your organization? How were they identified? This is something that must come from real conclusions, and not appear out of nowhere.
5. Is the analysis of employees being retired? Why did this happen and what needs to be changed in their opinion.

HR-branding is developing very quickly. When it becomes one of the most important aspects of business it is only a matter of time.

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