Development of the modern HR market

To date, only in the United States there is a record open vacancy rate – more than 6 million. At the same time, there are more than 7 million unemployed in the United States, and 14 million job seekers are looking for additional work.

The main reason is the shortage of qualified personnel. But a significant difference between the required and available skills of candidates is noted in different regions, at certain points in time and for certain specialties. This problem is present, in part, because of the attachment of candidates to a certain locality.

One of the main changes that could soon change the scope for the workforce and employers is the growth in the number of remote workers. It’s like project workers, and freelancers. So in the US, 60 million people are independent employees and their number will increase in the future.

Main reasons 3.

First – modern young employees are increasingly willing to be independent and want to have a pleasant additional income. And this is quite possible with remote work.

The second is the growth and development of online resources, where freelancer services are required. Only 15% of employees use electronic resources for job search, but this percentage will definitely grow.

Third – for companies it is often more economical to hire a person for remote cooperation or for a temporary contract than for permanent employment.

Artificial intelligence in the future will be able to automate millions of jobs. And for today this is one of the main topics that deserve attention. The platform is based on an artificial intelligence that allows the recruiter to find the right candidate with the necessary skills, as well as employment, and invite him to cooperate without leaving his private office. This greatly simplifies the search and allows you to find only qualified employees.

To start working with the platform, it’s enough to register and select the functional you are interested in.

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