7 Must see movies for HR


Every hunter wants to know where the pheasant is sitting. So every HR wants to know where is his ideal candidate. We have collected for you a selection of films in which the theme of HR is affected in one way or another. How to conduct interviews, train and motivate staff, or dismiss an incompetent employee. Pour tea, take out the cookies, and to view.

About recruiting


1. The Recruit, 2003

James, despite his curiosity, never wanted to become a spy. His father mysteriously disappeared, and he wanted to know the truth about it. To do this, he had to enlist in the intelligence department. Having an inquisitive mind and excellent abilities, he passes all tests and tasks.

Once, ordinary things turn out to be a hidden test. The instructor of James, with ever greater hints, shows that what is happening around it is not at all what it might seem at first glance. The action is heating up and he finds out that the mole is working in the agency, and it is Jason who is to determine it.

Usefulness: how to educate dedicated employees.


2. Headhunter, 2009

Business journalist, who became a successful recruiter. He selects top staff for corporations and holdings. According to the order from the owner of the land and oil concern, he must choose a successor for the corporation, in exchange for the customer’s heir.

Very quickly, he understands that the management of the corporation has other plans for the future, and falls into the cycle of circumstances of the game for power.

Utility: to get acquainted with the process of selecting top employees for large companies.


Training and adaptation of personnel


3. The Internship, 2013

Two guys who devoted their lives to what they have done quite well – sales. Suddenly they get acquainted with the new world – the world of computers and the Internet. Now their main goal is to show everyone that they are not old fashioned and will be able to achieve success in any field. By sending their CVs to Google, they get into a team of students who have just graduated from universities, and all with red diplomas. But to start working in such an unfamiliar world for them it is necessary to work very hard – to defeat all competitors and prove to the managers the need for such personnel.

Nick and Billy have a lot to learn.

Usefulness: how the corporate spirit is organized and work in Google from within, and how interviews are conducted in large companies.


Team building


4. Moneyball, 2011

A picture about the legendary manager of the Oakland baseball team Billy Binet. Despite financial difficulties – to create a baseball team of winners. Such a goal, impossible at that time, set himself the main character. Billy got used to the matter and got used to bringing him to the end. However, the sports world is first and foremost a world of big money and rules. To win, he decided to change these rules.

Usefulness: how the work of one person can lead to the success of the whole team.


Motivation of employees


5. Boiler Room, 2000

Being a pretty smart guy, Seth thinks he’s worthy of a rich life. He understands that for this he will not only have to get an education, but also work hard. That’s why he does not try hard in his studies, but he looks for where he can make money quickly. The first such source is an underground casino, open houses despite the displeasure of the father. This business existed for a rather short period, since one client suggested that Seth go to work as a broker, where it is absolutely legal to make money larger. He enthusiastically starts working, remaining in ignorance of what becomes an accomplice in major crimes.

Utility: the opportunity to get acquainted with the laws and principles of trade, as well as with the work of brokers.


6. The Pursuit of Happyness, 2006

Ambitious and able to impress, Chris is looking for work and can not find it. Now he has financial difficulties because he invested all the money in medical equipment, the sale of which is progressing with difficulty. Chris goes to the stock exchange. Although he was taken on probation at 6 months, he is unpaid. And they will accept it only with good indicators and results. Together with his son, he has to live at stations and in shelters for the homeless.

Usefulness: how not to despair in difficult life situations and achieve your goals.




7. Up in the Air, 2009

A good lawyer of a big company, who spends most of his time on flights and business trips. Up to a million flight miles there is very little, and Ryan even thinks that life in aircraft is much better than life in his still uninhabited apartment.

And he is engaged in the fact that he fires people on order, when the authorities can not, or do not want to, do it themselves. Despite the surrounding luxury goods, a happy person it is difficult to call it.

Usefulness: how to dismiss employees, and how they live, whose profession involves regular business trips.


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