Close the impossible, or how recruiters find the rarest and necessary candidates


At times, an employee, from whom no one expected to be dismissed, comes with a statement of resignation. The reason for this is another company’s recruiter, because he lured your employees with excellent conditions. Especially often this happens with the key players of the team on which the success of the project depends. Let’s share the cases of such recruiters who find the rarest talents.

Base of applicants

For large companies, the following lifetime is applicable.

To collect the database of competent candidates, you can hold a competition with prizes. So the developer of mobile games ZeptoLab launched a contest Game Design Challenge. The competition took place both in Russian and English. Participants from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and the United States fought for prizes. Ultimately, more than 2,000 people took part in the competition, which significantly expanded the candidate base, and the company hired two talented children.

Expert opinion

It is very important to be in the topic of current technologies and news in the field from which you are looking for a person. Most applicants are important when HR knows key industry players, and can also support a discussion of trends and situations in the market. In addition, it is often possible to meet “the very same” person in the comments to an article, and make a working proposal. By the same principle, you can work with reviews and forums. So you can close the most specific and rare vacancies.

Mystery client

It is very difficult to determine the skill level of the competitor. However, having looked at it in the course of the work, you will be able to say for sure whether such an employee is suitable or not.

So the director of staff selection conducted selection of candidates for the position of work with premium clients. To do this, she has bypassed all the city’s competitors in this area. Communicated with sellers and consultants, simultaneously analyzing their work. As a result, I found my ideal employee and successfully enlisted in my company.


A clever “bounty hunter” remembers his candidates until the end of the practice of recruiting. Why and why does he need this after the successful closing of the vacancy? It’s simple. Trust between people rarely appears at once, and with a fairly long dialogue the candidate will agree to at least look at an open job without even looking for a new job. Or, for example, when the applicant plans to change the place of work, the first to whom he will apply is a proven recruiter. So a person can work in his previous position, do not actively search for a new place, but write to you that he is ready to consider new proposals. And he will be sure that you will send the resume only to the trusted employers.

On the other hand, good candidates give contacts of such good colleagues and leaders. If a person is not ready to consider vacancies, he can advise on the open place of his person. However, you can not always go directly to a person and open a contact. So one recruiting manager hunted for the applicant through the Instagram. She found a photo from the profile conference and wrote to everyone who was marked in this photo. A week later the candidate started to work.

And what methods do you use to close complex vacancies?

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