How to search and find candidates using Search Console

As soon as the recruiter begins to use the platform, the question arises how to properly search, and the main thing is to find the right candidates. We made a detailed instruction using the Search Console of the TalentScan.Pro platform.

In order to start using the search console, you just need to write the necessary skill or enter a keyword to search in the following field:

If you want to search for skills, which are specified in the profiles of candidates, after the introduction using the keyboard, you need to select the mouse from the drop-down menu. For example, we are looking for a Java developer:

If you want to search not only for the basic skills indicated by the candidate, but also for all information in the profile, you need to search by keywords. To do this, after entering the search field and press ENTER.

To exclude any keywords or skills, you need to add an exclamation mark before the search word. This function is convenient for excluding, for example, all recruiters from the search result:

You can sort the search result by the following parameters: skill level / date of profile creation / last name / country / city. The drop-down sort menu is located at the top left of the window.

For more advanced search, use the left search bar.

1. Choose one of the vacancies that you created.

2. What information is available in the candidate profile (e-mail, skype, phone number, attached resume).

3. Type of employment (remote, office work, part-time employment, readiness to move abroad, project work, start-up work)

4. Country in which the applicant is located.

5. City.

6. Work experience.

7. Specialty of the candidate.

8. The level of English.

9. Ability to search for individual resources.

10. Clear all selected criteria.

11. Search by available candidate ID.

After selecting the right candidates, you can add them to the Long List or send a message.


The whole process of search and selection of personnel occurs on one page. Using the maximum number of selection and sorting criteria, you will get the most suitable candidates for your vacancy.

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