How to solve the problem of supply and demand disparity in the labor market?

The realities of today’s life are as follows: besides the known “brain drain” from the country, Ukrainian employers have faced a new problem – the so-called “freelancer syndrome”, which manifests itself in almost every second applicant. A bright example is the IT-outsourcing industry. Even the best projects are left without attention, experts are bored, and recruiters suffer from a lack of worthy performers, who would be interested in the proposed vacancy.


than the root of the problem?

As it turned out, the reason for all the troubles is that the usual job search announcement boards or so-called job boards (including the notorious Linkedin, which regularly limits the ability to search for a large number of candidates, periodically blocks accounts, thus reducing the contact database , makes you communicate with premium accounts only through the InMail service, etc.) work absolutely inefficient because:

  1. One summary is not enough to confirm the level of qualification of a specialist.
  2. The problems of finding a recruiter and competitor (insufficient number of tools and, as a result, the issue of irrelevant candidates) remain urgent.
  3. All of them are limited in functionality. Even the trivial lack of an integrated database becomes a real problem for employers.

Because of all this, even the leaders of the Ukrainian (however, like the world) recruiting market can rapidly lose their positions even despite the stable development and expansion of the IT services market.

Search Console – Linkedin 1-2-3, GitHub, StackOverFlow, Jobs board – details search in one place in one click

The solution is!

Fortunately, to replace “old recruiters” come young platforms that allow 100% to meet the needs of job seekers and employers. A prime example is TalentScan.Pro. It is a full-cycle platform designed to search for and interact with recruiters and job seekers, minimize the timing of the closure of the vacancy and improve the efficiency of the overall work.

It provides all the tools necessary for this, including a search console that covers 5 sources at once (including your personal database, professional networks and other platforms that provide useful information about applicants). Search console works in many respects thanks to the use of elaborated filter and tag systems, and also gives the opportunity to deeply analyze and sort candidates without restriction by several times. Moreover, the platform provides so-called talent profiles, which allow you to objectively evaluate and confirm the skill level of the performer, as well as his professional skills. This is a guarantee that you will be able to find a really relevant candidate for a particular job.

Weapons were taken and some of the tools used by platforms to find developers (GitHub and Stackowerflow). They are integrated into the Search Panel so that the recruiter can transfer information about that profile directly to his candidate database with just one click.

Now you can absolutely confidently say that this is a universal assistant for a professional IT recruiter, which will minimize the difference between the volume of demand for IT projects and the volume of supply.

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