What do we mean by “recruiting”? This is a global search for professionals who meet the company’s stated requirements to the maximum. Minimal use of resources is important here. Here, you also need knowledge and understanding of where you are who you need. Most often used for search are forums, social networks, conferences and, of course, job portals.

Today, most IT-employers offer people practically the same conditions: salary and benefits. It is interesting that large companies need to develop another employer’s brand for additional search for the best candidates. Regardless of the subject area, the skill of the recruiter lies in the correct choice of the way to deliver information to the target audience about the needs of the business, the opportunities for the candidate and the open vacancy.

Recruiting in the modern world


Over the past 10 years, IT recruitment has changed dramatically. Today, we are opening up new opportunities that allow you to successfully close vacancies in just a couple of clicks. You may find this unrealistic, but in reality everything is possible with the right choice of tools for recruiting.

A few rules for an IT recruiter

Study the market you are working on carefully. Meet as many people as possible who are hypothetically useful. Be sure to keep in touch with them and at the right time, ask for help, tips or just information.

Clearly and clearly define the requirements for applicants. Carefully write down what you want from the candidate, sort out which of the requirements can be removed or shifted to the background. Details formulate the request and check the list of characteristics, which will further select specialists.

Pay attention to soft skills, sincere desire to work in this company and develop with it. For the company it is always very important why a person wants to work in it. Do not neglect the attitude of the candidate to your company, because in the end, it is the attitude of employees that affects the brand of the company as an employer.

Effective recruiting is always point-like! As successful practice shows, fewer actions – more result. This requires the right tools and an understanding of who exactly you need. It is not necessary to use everything in an aggregate, instead, plan a strategy, search and search exactly those who need your company.

Use smart recruitment. This means that the selection of IT personnel must be systematic. To do this, you need to be able to find the right people, communicate with them, consolidate the information received and work with the data that you receive in the process. Collect and classify feedbacks from candidates, analyze refusals and unsuccessful interview results. In the future, this information will certainly help you make the process more efficient.

Search and find only “your” people

Decide what “your” person means to you. What qualities should such a candidate have and how does it relate to the values ​​of your company. Based on the answers to these questions, think through the tools that will help you attract IT professionals.

Sometimes, in order to find the right employee, companies need to participate in thematic conferences, seminars and exhibitions, thus plunging into a certain target audience. However, this approach is difficult to assess and it is almost impossible to understand how much investment in activities will help to close the company’s specific vacancies.

In the modern world, everything is changing rapidly, but one thing remains unchanged: they are loyal to the company people who want to achieve more and are ready to invest intellectual and time resources in order to successfully launch a large project.

The classical format of recruitment begins from the moment when you receive vacancies and ends when the proposal for cooperation with the selected candidate is signed. To find specialists, the most effective are social networks.

However, the use of standard social networking tools does not always provide good results, especially if we are talking about free features.

Despite the popularity, today to use LinkedIn without paying for additional opportunities, it becomes almost impossible. There are a lot of restrictions, both on the number of search requests, and on the opportunity to contact a specialist you are interested in. That’s why you should pay attention to other services:

Toole # 1: Boolean search in Google search is a tool for finding candidates using specific commands, the so-called logical operators. This principle of operation allows the recruiter to conduct a fairly accurate search, while a large amount of information that is posted on the Internet is being studied. Using this tool allows you to get relevant results directly from the results of the search engine.

But this mechanism can be made easier, using, for example, “X-Ray Search”. This free and uncomplicated tool allows you to search for candidates in several professional networks, automate Boolean search and, eliminating the need to write long commands yourself.

Everything works well enough, and can become a good tool for rapid search for candidates.

Tool # 2: TalentScan is an innovative full-cycle desktop with the most effective tools for an IT recruiter. As a result of working with the platform, the recruiter increases its productivity, in particular, the efficiency, while reducing the number of delinquent deadlines for the closure of vacancies.

The platform has an advanced search console that simultaneously monitors 5 sources: Stack Overflow, Github, the personal XLS database Google Docs pull CVs and your personal LinkedIn link. This will allow, in the presence of contacts of a specific applicant, to immediately write him a message with a job offer, for example, in Skype, without waiting for you to be added to your friends. It is possible to simply call a candidate, which increases the chances of a successful report.

All correspondence that you will conduct with the candidate is saved, structured and further analyzed, which allows the artificial intelligence platform to select the best IT professionals for open positions.

Recruiter awaits a powerful work with the “Jobs” platform, Also there is a “Personal Assistant”, developed by a separate unit for a thorough analysis of mailing and feedback on previously open vacancies, which will tell which candidate is most suitable for an active job. The advanced platform “TalentScan” will provide the necessary system to the recruiter.

This is a paid tool, but there is a demo version that will allow you to evaluate its functionality and efficiency. In general, if there is a financial possibility, it will certainly pay off with a vengeance.

Tool # 3: AmazingHiring is a platform that includes an extension for the popular Google Chrome browser, which allows you to comprehensively get all the available links to the candidate’s social networks. The extension allows you to see other links to current profiles when you open one page of a network user.

Функционал продукта позволяет вести поиск по ключевым запросам, относящиеся напрямую к потенциальному кандидату. За счет этого инструмента рекрутер может получить неограниченный доступ к обширной базе пассивных соискателей, которые не опубликовали свое резюме или же закрыли настройками приватности на сайтах поиска работы. Поиск ведется по таким  популярным социальным сетям, как Facebook, а также среди основных профессиональных сетей: LinkedIn, GitHub и Stack Overflow. Разнообразие сетей, с которыми работает «AmazingHiring» позволяет IT-рекрутеру создать настоящую социальную карту кандидата.

Tool # 4: TurboHiring is a fairly popular platform that allows you to search for developers on the LinkedIn network, and have access to their contacts. This platform also includes an extension for Google Chrome that displays the person’s contacts in his LinkedIn profile. The platform is developed by Ukrainian guys, and has a fairly understandable, yet extensive functionality that will help with the search for good candidates.

We have resulted only in one of the most popular tools, and as we see many really comfortable ones, they still remain paid. The availability of software guarantees that now IT-recruiting will become much easier and more effective both for companies (employers) and for the recruiter himself.

To achieve maximum efficiency and, as a result, success in your profession, you need to choose the right tools in the modern IT market, and what kind of tool it will be depends only on you;)

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