Global recruitment trends of 2018: 4 ideas that change the principle of hiring


For a new push in your recruiting strategy, LinkedIn Talent Solutions released the global recruitment trends of 2018: 4 ideas that change the principle of hiring. The report contains data from nearly 9,000 recruiters and HR on how diversity in recruiting, new interview methods, data and artificial intelligence affect the recruitment and recruitment process.


A variety of hiring. The most common trend. 78% of the companies indicated that the diversity to improve their culture is a priority, and 62% pay attention to this item for improving financial performance.


Re-inventing the interview. New interview methods are gaining momentum, such as the assessment of candidate mental abilities (63%) and an understanding of the candidate’s shortcomings (57%).


Data. A new era of talent skills is a big step forward, as it allows you to use data to influence future employment. The three main areas where companies report that they use data are an increase in retention (56%), an assessment of skill gaps (50%), and the creation of better proposals (50%).


Artificial Intelligence. Recruiters and hiring managers around the world have shared that AI is a bold decision and helps them save time (67%), eliminate human bias (43%) and provide the best candidates (31%). The respondent also said that AI is most useful in finding candidates (58%) and screening (56%). Let us dwell in more detail on this point.


Artificial intelligence is the ability of a machine to have a human intellect. Computers can be programmed for training, for certain tasks, and so on.

AI is a powerful force of new technologies from autopilot on machines, to search engines. This technology is capable of revolutionizing the recruiting industry. It allows recruiters to work faster by automating some tasks.

Helping and benefits

According to the research, 76% of recruiters consider AI the right technology for HR.

When you receive 200 CVs per position per day and countless candidates, it is difficult to get to know all of them in detail. Now the program can do this for you and greatly speed up the work. So chat bots, for example, can answer questions from candidates.

This frees the recruiter from routine work. For more complex processes – engaging and interviewing candidates, AI is considered less useful. However, artificial intelligence of the TalentScan platform can compile a Short List of applicants based on your preferences, and this already seems significant.

Artificial intelligence performs routine work for you.

You can see the full report on this link.

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