TOP must-have SaaS platforms and tools

SaaS is a term that means software as a service. It means cloud computing model in which a third-party provider hosts applications that customer can access through the internet.

You can even use some SaaS products but do not realize it.

We shared top 10 most trustworthy SaaS products that can help with different tasks.

1. Hotjar

It is a new easy way to truly understand web and mobile site visitors. Find your hottest growth opportunities.


1. Heatmaps. Visually representing clicks, taps, scrolling behavior of visitors.

2. Recordings of real visitors on site as they click, tap, move their cursor and navigate across pages.

3. Conversion funnel identifying on which page, at which step most visitors are leaving site.

4. Form analytics. Why visitors abandon site forms.

5. Feedback polls. What visitors want and what’s preventing them from achieving it.

6. Others.

2. Google Analytics

The best way to measure website traffic metrics. It’s totally free. Analyze from which channels your audience come, which is most effective.

Even using another tool, you can still check more depth traffic description traffic metrics, categorizing all visitors by traffic type, etc.

3. Salesforce

Great marketing means nothing if you have no sales. Salesforce remains the industry standards for CRM as SaaS.

While using Salesforce you can see every sale step. From call center to the ad in social media. Everything is on one place. Your sales team will not miss any deal. With this SaaS you can:

1. Collect and monitor all leads.

2. Track insights for increase sales.

3. Increase the productivity of the sales reps.

4. Make e-mail campaigns.

5. Communicate with your team.


Full cycle recruitment platform, mostly to IT recruiters, that helps to reduce the time for closing vacancy. With this SaaS head of HR can track team activity to measure their KPI. For recruiters it gives the opportunity to searching candidates simulately from different sources such as professional IT networks, job boards, candidate bases.

5. HootSuite

More than 3.17 billion people using internet. 2.3 billion of them using social media. That’s means you must have a social media pages and company strategy.

Such tools like this saves your time for posting in different social networks. You can schedule your posts in LinkedIn, YouTube, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Also, it helps to track activity in groups from one page.

6. Wistia

It is the video marketing platform which give opportunity to analyze what people are watching your videos.

Capabilities of this SaaS:

1. A customizable high resolution video player.

2. Drag and drop organization.

3. Viewing trends, heat maps.

4. Easy embed code.

5. Team communication.

7. Optimizely

This SaaS tool using for A/B testing of different versions website pages in various devices. It’s testing, analyzing performance for buttons, images etc.

With this platform you have the ability to:

1. A/B testing, multi-page testing.

2. Testing different browsers and devices.

3. Stats to making better decision.

4. Delivering content in real time.

8. BuzzSumo

SEO is not the only way to take new leads. Social networks have a big role in SEO and it’s fluctuates every day. To get a complete picture of the competitive environment in market you should understand how content is performing in all web avenues. This SaaS helps to search content and analysing it. You will see what content mostly shared.

We show different SaaS services and platforms. All of them can save your time and make business better. So, what SaaS instruments are you using?

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