Search console

Search console. Helps you to search and work with candidates from different sources in one convenient page. No more dozens of open tabs. Searching simultaneously from: LinkedIn GitHub Stack Overflow TurboHiring (Only for package Fast contact) Your database In addition to searching, you can work with candidates on the same page. Features of

Quick contact to a candidates

Smart notifications. Mailing notification service for recruitment – build in platform system of the email notification. You have the possibility to send personalized messages to the list of candidates that you filtered through the Search Console. After sending letters, for each different vacancies, you can sort candidates according to the following parameters: Not notified Notified

Chrome extension

Google Chrome plugin for work with LinkedIn.  Allows you to add candidates from LinkedIn to your Long List fast. You can do it regardless of the of the level of your connection using just one button. Also you can go directly from LinkedIn to the TalentScan.Pro platform on candidates profile. Ability to add comments helps

Platform update

Platform update Again we improve the flexibility of the service for the most convenient and comfortable use. The ability to quickly add and remove candidates to the Long or Short List. Plus, a quick look in which sheets, for what vacancy and under what status is the candidate. The long-awaited improvement is custom statuses.