What is the TalentScan.Pro? Where did the idea come from and what tasks does the platform solve?

TalentScan.pro is a full-cycle platform with artificial intelligence. It is designed to find and interact with IT recruiters and job seekers, minimize time for close the vacancies and improve the efficiency of teamwork. The built-in complex of useful tools that used by various services, but separately, provides the platform with ample opportunities. How do we

Remote Job

Remote workers Currently, every director of a small firm or a large enterprise is acutely aware of the lack of highly qualified specialists. Where can I find the right staff? You need to look beyond the office and announce the search for employees outside the office location. The market for remote work is changing. Managers,

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“Difference from others” or non-standard job description

“Difference from others” or non-standard job description The standard methods of hiring personnel, starting with the words “Required developer” or “The young team needs a manager” will be lost against the background of the rest of the same. And the unusual vacancy that stands out among others brings more responses from applicants, especially young ones.

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