Facebook vs LinkedIn. Which solution is better for recruiting


LinkedIn was not created for low-qualified job seekers, so for Facebook this is an open niche. And for now, Facebook is testing this opportunity. By this step they increase their importance in people’s lives and lay the foundation for profitable business.

Companies can place vacancies on the jobs.facebook.com tab. Jobs will be presented on the page panels, sections of ads and securities markets, as well as in the news feed. All vacancies, like ordinary publications, can be advertised. For candidates, you can fill out the job application automatically, with the possibility of editing in the future, thanks to the data specified in the FB. You can also chat through Messenger to schedule an interview.

Facebook job posts

Facebook began to test the recruitment function in 2016, in 2017 it appeared in the US and Canada. Now recruiting functions are available in Brazil, Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Spain via iOS, Android and Desctop.

According to Facebook’s vice-president, every fourth person in the US was looking for work through FB. However, about 40% of small businesses reported that the search and hiring of employees took more time and effort than they expected. So the Facebook platform can play a role in reducing this gap.

To hire highly qualified specialists, it is best to use ready-made solutions that will shorten the search time and select the best candidates with certain skills.

To see how the search page can work, you can on the Facebook help page.

Now, users can search for open jobs from the side panels of the website or from an additional section in the mobile application.

Such a decision on Facebook can help the “steal” part of the 1.1 billion dollars of revenue. promotion of your vacancies.

In these areas, applicants often do not have excellent summaries and educational stories that look pretty good on LinkedIn. And it is unlikely that such candidates will register on such venues. They are more likely to be on the social networks of Facebook, which allows them to quickly connect them to work, even if they are not so actively looking for.


Facebook writes: “The owner of the arms store could not find people with certain skills, until he posted a job offer on his page. He immediately received 27 applications and hired 10 of them. ” Of course, such jobs are unlikely to attract LinkedIn users, and some of those who have time to apply, probably, were not looking for work when they opened their page on the social network.

The task for Facebook will convince users that they are still in the social network. FB stresses – potential employers can see only what is open in the profile. But some users still believe that their photos or hobbies can scare away the tenant.

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