Why do we need automation systems for recruiting processes?

Automation of recruiting greatly simplifies certain business processes. The size of the market for automation of HRM (Human resources management), according to analycs forecasts, will grow from $ 14.5 billion to $ 22.51 billion in 2022 in 2017. Why is it worth creating and using such systems?

Why shoud we automate HR processes?

Cloud automation systems for HR processes help to track the talent market without installing software, online and from anywhere in the world. So HR professionals can be in different geographical zones, but continue to be a team. SaaS HRM-systems allow the customer or manager to monitor the performance of individual recruiters, whether HR manager or remote Talent Acquisition manager.

Every year it is increasingly difficult to find the right specialist, because talented applicants rarely sit idle. And because large companies are looking for ready-made solutions that allow you to quickly find and hire the right person.

How does HRM differ from CRM?

The recruitment automation system is some kind of or a branch from the Customer Relationship Management systems. Only CRM-system automates certain departments, for example sales or logistics, and HRM is the process of interaction between HR department and job seekers.

HRM-systems should at least provide the following functionality:

  • management of open vacancies;
  • Search for new employees;
  • Tracking the process of finding and hiring employees;
  • analysis of the work of recruiters, to identify the indicators of KPI.

Automation of key recruiting processes

Base of the resume

For every vacancy, quite a lot of specialists are withdrawn, thereby forming a decent resume base for future use by internal recruiters. Automation of hiring allows you to group this database for certain keys: skills, experience of the applicant, salary requirements and others. Data will be stored in a form that is convenient for further use, and the HR manager has quick access to candidates only by setting the necessary parameters.


Every day a human resource specialist needs to process about 200 CVs for an open position. It is unlikely that a person will be able to re-read and qualitatively analyze the CV of all applicants. The process of primary selection can be automated without wasting precious time searching for keywords in each resume.

So the platform TalentScan.Pro with the help of artificial intelligence scans various sources and social networks to confirm the candidate’s indicated skills. Then he offers the candidates that are most appropriate to the preference of the recruiter.


The average time to close a vacancy (from the search for an employee to the signing of the scope) is 5 weeks. A potential candidate must pass certain stages of interviews (usually from 2 to 6). Very often, delays are caused by the fact that employees who are interviewed are busy with basic duties and can not fail only to conduct an interview.

By automating recruiting, you can create a task for a particular candidate, which everyone can see from the recruiter to the company’s owner. HRM systems are integrated with the Google calendar and allow you to not miss the stages of interviews.

With the help of the TalentScan.Pro platform, the time for finding a candidate for a job is reduced by 80%, and the overall productivity of the recruiter is increased by 60%. Try it now and save your time.

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  1. Human resource management is the very important thing for any organization. By using recruitment software the time for finding a candidate for a job is reduced by 80%, and the overall productivity of the recruiter is increased by 60%. So should try these type of tools and software and save time.

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