For every vacancy there is a candidate. Methods of recruiting.

Recruiting methods

For more effective and high-quality work, recruiters combine different methods of evaluating candidates. These can be ordinary approaches, or innovations in the world of HR. And most create their own system of recruitment based on existing methods.

1. Interviews. This is a kind of conversation between two or more people, in which questions are asked to determine the professional qualities and skills of the candidate, his experience, knowledge and ability to solve the tasks. As a valuation method there for a long time, however, the following types have been created recently.

  • Standard structured question-and-answer interview.
  • Situation interview (case-interview) – it is possible to get a fairly accurate forecast about how the candidate meets the requirements and whether it will join the team.
  • Projective interview is built in such a way that to claim a position could assess not himself, but the people around him. This allows you to get a solution to the problem in a particular situation and get acquainted with the individual vision of the candidate.
  • Stress interview or provocative interview. The method in which a candidate creates stressful conditions for assessing his behavior.
  • Brainteaser (literal translation – tickling the brain). The competitor needs to solve a complex logical task or an intricate question. Helps define analytical thinking and creativity.

2. Socionics. It implies the distribution of applicants for vacancies based on four socionic personality types. Each of the types determines the style of communication and work.

3. Testing. A rather popular procedure for evaluating a candidate with a test, which is given a limited execution time. Allows to determine the level of knowledge and personal qualities of the interviewee.

4. Assessment center (assessment center) – an integrated assessment of staff. We use mutually complementary methods that determine the real quality of the applicant, his professional and psychological characteristics, the suitability of his job and the identification of potential opportunities. This is one of the most accurate and used methods for assessing competencies. It is usually drawn up on the basis of the requirements of a particular position.

At times, HR agencies use non-traditional methods of assessing and recruiting employees. This can be a polygraph, and various types of psychoanalysis, and even graphology, astrology or diagnosis by voice. The application of these methods is rather controversial, because the results are absolutely subjective and illusory, despite the fact that some clients like it.

Experiment, and you will definitely choose your own set of techniques for quick and high-quality personnel selection. And the TalentScan.Pro platform will help you find the most inaccessible candidates for open positions.

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