Online HRM on the cloud. Overview of SaaS HRM

HeadHunter launched its own online HRM system in CIS countries – Talantix

Portal HeadHunter launched automation of personnel management, which is called Talantix. It consists of various modules for HR. At the moment, the service is just beginning to evolve, and many functions are not available, but there is already the possibility of managing the staff and their evaluation using CEB SHL. This module is integrated with,,,,

The plans include the following modules: personnel records management, staff adaptation, compensation, benefits and training module.


The technology of finding talents on the cloud. The team of recruiters can be in different geographic regions, but still remain a team. If you are the head of HR department, you will be able to monitor and evaluate the work of your subordinates.

A full cycle of recruiting – from the creation of a vacancy, to its closing. The platform itself allows you to search and interact with candidates using the most effective tools for closing vacancies. A distinctive feature of this product is the search console, with which the selection of applicants from various search sites on one page is carried out. And the presence of artificial intelligence allows you to close vacancies based on the recruiter’s preferences for job seekers.

Anaplan: the ability to plan an HR strategy

The platform for integrated planning Anaplan added to its functionality a set of applications of strategic personnel planning – Anaplan for HR. With the help of these products, HR can work with data from employees of large organizations.

Product possibilities: planning of personnel, number of workers and wages, adaptation of new personnel, optimization of personnel.

Mobile recruiting from Jibe

Jibe, the company that provides the SaaS recruiting program, has received $ 20 million from SAP Ventures for development. SAP chose this platform for the reason that the main direction of JIBE is the development of mobility. After hiring good employees is very important, and do not neglect it in favor of finding new customers. CRM and ATS have been developing mobile applications for a long time, HRM does not do that. A mobile solution from Jible allows job seekers to conveniently send their CVs. To do this, you can first download it from Google Docs, LinkedIn, or via e-mail. The list of vacancies can be viewed even on the go, without being tied to your computer for job search.

Cloud SuccessFactors HCM from SAP

Presented a cloud solution for HR management from SAP – SuccessFactors HCM (human capital management). The product is intended solely for businesses. Includes business management tools, control of training, selection and management of employees.

IBM acquired the social HCM service, ahead of Salesforce in the race for the Social Enterprise

IBM acquired SaaS Kenexa. So Salesforce bought Rypple, SAP bought SuccessFactors, Oracle bought Taleo. Kenexa is Social SaaS candidate management, which uses Twitter and Facebook to attract candidates.

This decision opens up opportunities for human capital management: assessment, training, development and retention. Using Kenexa, the company can build a strategy in the field of personnel management in accordance with their qualities: loyal, loyal, productive, creative, active and creating high added value.

Oracle bought SaaS from Taleo

The SaaS arms race between Oracle and SAP (in 2011, he bought the leader of the talent management market SuccessFactors). Taleo is distinguished first of all by its system of individual pay and search of candidates in social networks.

Oracle Taleo Cloud Service enables enterprises and medium-sized businesses to hire the best candidates with the appropriate skills to work in the cloud, to implement their key goals and the required level of productivity, and to develop and encourage such employees.

Boss-Kadrovik as a SaaS service

Back in 2008, IT company introduced the online leasing service HRM Boss-Kadrovik. Key features: personnel planning and accounting, payroll accounting and reporting, employee selection, training, evaluation and motivation, cost optimization.

Simple business

Somehow so far our attention has eluded the domestic service called Simple Business. Despite the old-fashioned site and applications, it turns out that it is used by about 500 companies. Functional: project / task management, CRM, HRM, accounting, workflow, internal mail, messenger, VoIP service, videoconferencing.

Quinyx WorkForce implemented in Kyivstar

Integrated SaaS HRM Quinyx WorkForce in the Ukrainian mobile operator Kyivstar. The project started in 2007 and employs about 5,000 people. Quinyx WorkForce helps to automate and unify the processes of personnel accounting, selection, evaluation, development and motivation of personnel. The main task was to support simultaneous work of users from remote branches, having actual data on HR processes. As a result, the automation of human management processes was introduced, significantly reducing the labor costs for recording staff data.

Zoho People Human Resource Management System

Zoho People is a serious HRM system for HR departments in companies with 50+ employees. The solution allows you to create a register of positions and the hierarchical structure of the company, keep records of salaries and bonuses, travel expenses, maintain a vacancy database and resume. When hiring a new employee, the service allows you to create a checklist for it (for example, to organize a workplace or to buy inventory, etc.). Also, Zoho People contains a self-service module for employees, in which they can read information and company news. For recruiting there is a separate module – Zoho recruit.

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