Search console.

Helps you to search and work with candidates from different sources in one convenient page. No more dozens of open tabs.

Searching simultaneously from:

  1. LinkedIn
  2. GitHub
  3. Stack Overflow
  4. TurboHiring (Only for package Fast contact)
  7. Your database

In addition to searching, you can work with candidates on the same page.

Features of Search Console:

  1. Advanced search of candidates from different sources
  2. VIewing contacts of potential candidates
  3. Viewing skill scores
  4. Adding individual comments
  5. Personalized mailings for selected candidates
  6. Transfering talents to Long and Short lists
  7. Current status of candidate in Short List

How to use Search Console

Recruiter package:

  1. ATS – Manage vacancies and candidates
  2. Publication of vacancies in
  3. Chrome plugin – add candidates to long list of vacancy from LinkedIn by one click
  4. Search Console – all candidates from LinkedIn, GitHub, StackOverflow and popular job boards are aggregated in one place
  5. Database of your candidates with continuously updated profiles
  6. Unique algorithm of ranking candidates by professional skills
  7. Import candidates from CV’s
  8. Manage recruiters
  9. Dashboard/reports by all recruiters
  10. Smart notifications – you can contact list of filtered candidates by custom emails

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