Should I look for employees through social networks?

Social Net

Most HR has long used recruiting through social (Facebook or Vkontakte) and professional networks (LinkedIn) in their work. According to statistics, only ten percent of recruiters do not use these opportunities, explaining that this is a private space for everyone.

Unconditionally search through message boards or job portals is easier, after registering on behalf of the company you can post a vacancy and wait for responses. You can also see the resumes posted by the applicants themselves. The advantage of working with such portals is the structuring and uniformity of the data. However, many job seekers do not post their resumes on portals, but prefer a professional network LinkedIn and social Facebook.

For maximum simplicity and efficiency with the help of the TalentScan platform, the search is conducted simultaneously on the professional networks LinkedIn, GitHub, StackOverflow, and on the bulletin boards TurboHiring,,

Special plug-in for LinkedIn, opens the possibility to view contacts of candidates who are in the second and third circles of acquaintance.

With the help of social networks you can close almost any vacancy. After all, the choice of potential employees is much greater than in all special portals. It is best to search the networks to close the vacancies of a narrow specialization. To do this, you need to take into account the characteristics of each social network.

For hiring top managers and middle managers, use Facebook or LinkedIn.

You can post jobs from your personal account. And to increase the coverage of a potential audience, make reposts in thematic groups. So you get the maximum number of responses.

In social networks, you can search for accounts of potential candidates and directly access them. You can send out a vacancy announcement to those whom it directly interests and those who want to recommend their colleagues or acquaintances. If a company or its employees have a large number of friends on the social network, you can “share” the vacancy.

By combining search on bulletin boards, as well as social networks, you will close vacancies of any complexity. Experiment, and you will definitely succeed


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