Importance of Hard and Soft Skills employees for IT companies

Soft Skills

In one of the communities decided to evaluate which skills are important for IT companies when selecting candidates. The result of the survey of managers.

Hard skills – technical skills related to the activities carried out in the field of formalized technologies: office work, logistics, programming and other operational and technical activities. Despite the fact that professional skills should be more meaningful for the programmer, nevertheless “flexible skills” take precedence over them.

Soft skills – are among the social skills: persuasion, approach to people, leadership, interpersonal communication, negotiation, teamwork, time management, erudition, creativity and so on. They determine the success of the work in their field, the team, in the team – with other people.

We present a list with the result in descending from the most significant skills.

  1. Bringing things to the end. Ability to transfer all tasks from the head to the time management and fully implement them.
  2. The skill to give feedback. It refers not only to reporting to the management, but also to communication with colleagues.
  3. Teamwork. It is important as soft skill, because the productivity of the team is always greater than the productivity of one person.
  4. Creative problem solving. Creativity and wit are important when creating products. It allows non-standard, quick and high-quality resolution of emerging issues.
  5. Conversation. To achieve its goals, one must be able to negotiate.
  6. Leadership. The leader can unite the group and direct all the energy in the right direction.
  7. Business correspondence. The impression of the company as a whole is often based on the impression of communication with its individual employees. It is worth to match.
  8. Purposefulness. The skill of correctly setting goals and objectives in accordance with the mission of the company.
  9. Making decisions. A valuable employee is one who can independently determine the zone of his competencies, and on the basis of this evaluation make a decision independently or provide options to the manager.
  10. Get shit done on time. Deadline – it is important to be able to invest in the deadline for delivery of work.
  11. Coaching skills. It is not necessary to be able to organize the whole process of holding seminars and other things. But I learned by myself – to tell other people about the sum, to help the trainee, for example.
  12. The skill of sales. Do not sell the product, but sell your beliefs. It is necessary to be able to tell about the technology and insist on its own for its implementation in the product.
  13. Facilitation. With the traditional methods of managing the team, the supervisor sets specific tasks and instructions. Facilitation means the combination of the functions of the leader and team member.
  14. Public speaking. The employee should be able to speak to the public – for example, if he has to say a few words about the new product update, or provide the customer with a report on the work performed.
  15. Hard skills. Fifteenth place according to the survey results occupy the employee’s core skills. But without them, all the previous 14 would not mean absolutely nothing to work in an IT company.
  16. Mediation. Technology for the settlement of disputes involving the neutral side.
  17. So that man was good!
  18. Assertiveness. In other words – the skill of polite perseverance.

As you can see, soft skills have a significant role in the overall stack of human skills, especially in front of hard skills. And this is for IT companies. After all, not only profile skills are important, but also how an employee is able to communicate with others.

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