Qualitative recruitment: basic rules

How often have you been unable to close a job? With maximum effort, with all possible resources, candidates simply do not. They either do not pass the selection, or do not take your office or go to work, but they are soon dismissed. What is the problem and what to do to prevent such situations in the future?

Recruitment is somewhat similar to sales. There are mandatory steps that need to be taken to obtain certain job seekers who will remain in your company for a long time. At the same time, one must achieve the set goals and directly or indirectly make a profit. No matter who will select personnel: own recruiter, recruiting agency or ordinary employees of the company. Required recruitment steps must be completed.

Recruiting is not an exact science. And if you have one after another employees do not go to work, they are dismissed after one and a half weeks or no one can fulfill the terms of reference, it is not to blame all applicants for incompetence, and recruiters in poor-quality work, and analyze their own actions.

In any endeavor it is necessary to begin to evaluate the market, its potential and own capabilities

Before you start the search, you need to at least approximately understand whether there are necessary specialists in the market, how you can get out on them, what can interest them, how many such specialists exist and what is their market value.

On the other hand, you need to understand your competitive position in comparison with other potential employers. What are the advantages of your company among others, what advantages can a prospective employee see, what image is your company, working conditions that can be offered as advantages of working with you in future negotiations. After analyzing these data it is possible to understand the approximate terms of the search and what can be expected.

For example, if you want to find an Internet marketer with experience of two years and knowledge of English, you should immediately count on an active search for employees in connection with the increased demand for such professionals. Just placing on the Job board will not give much. It is also worthwhile to understand in which companies you can find such footage. And of course there are financial opportunities for such a specialist, because the cost starts from 18 000-20 000 UAH. If the budget is 10 000 UAH, it is worth changing the requirements or distributing responsibilities between existing employees. The search for personnel with initially losing conditions will only disappoint and take a long time.

Drawing up a realistic job profile

After the stage of market valuation, we create or update the profile of the position. Even if such a vacancy already existed, it is necessary to update it.

It is very important to have a realistic balance of requirements and what the applicant can get. This is not only the amount of financial compensation, but also the compliance of the employee’s qualifications with the work that he must perform. Plus the ratio of the size of the companies in which potential candidates are now working with yours (the analysis is carried out at the first stage).

For example, if the size of your business is up to 10 people. You want to get a candidate who worked in a large international company, with leadership positions in his industry. It is unlikely, in this case, the employee will go into a small business, even if it turned out to solve the financial issue. So remember that the profile should be realistic. Then it will meet your requirements and the requirements of competitors.

Active targeting of potential candidates

With any vacancy, it’s worth taking an active position, and not just waiting for feedback on an open job. In the targeting process, it is important to identify those candidates who are potentially suitable for an open position. Of course you can not do this, but the question remains how much time will be spent searching.

Search for employees can be carried out in social and professional networks, on bulletin boards, HR systems, or combine all this by using ready-made SaaS solutions. Thus, targeting will be faster and more efficient, which means that the time for closing the vacancy will be significantly reduced.

Real assessment of professional and personal competencies

You already have a candidate. If at the selection stage the skills of the candidate are considered a recruiting platform automatically, now it is necessary to determine his technical qualifications as a specialist, personal qualities and motives that can influence his decision to change his job.

You can not neglect any of these factors. It is not necessary to draw conclusions on the other qualities of the candidate on the basis of a single positive impression. Technical expertise should be checked by technical experts using, for example, tests. Personal qualities and motivators are checked using behavioral interviews.

Job offer

Stage, when the candidate has gone through all stages and is interested in continuing communication. It is important to carefully discuss with the candidate all his expectations about the functional, professional implementation, development prospects, cooperation with colleagues, his position in the company structure and, of course, financial expectations.

After discussing all the issues, you can put an offer of work. If any of the questions remain in the shadow for either party, and the offer is sent with the hope that the potential employee will finally agree, it is better not to waste your time. Even if the applicant in this case agrees, previously unknown aspects can become demotivators, which will lead to a decrease in efficiency, and sometimes to a sudden dismissal for you.

Candidate exit and adaptation to work

First work day. Is everything ready, is there an adaptation plan, who is the mentor, who will conduct the trainings and set goals on probation? All these moments should be considered and monitored by HR, for the successful integration of the employee into the company.

At times, the adaptation procedure is perceived as a formality, and ignored because of seeming uselessness. But the risk of dismissal of the candidate at this stage remains quite high. And the faster the employee integrates, the faster he will start to make a profit.

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