In this article, we compare TalentScan.pro and the German counterpart Talentwunder. What is the advantage and how will these platforms be useful to recruiters, HR managers?

Talentwunder is an intelligent talent search engine with over one billion profiles from over 100 different networks. The system is equipped with an artificial intelligence  LEA, which facilitates the process of finding candidates. LEA analyzes big data from various sources to offer recommended keywords that will help you find relevant candidates. In turn, TalentScan.Pro – the platform is designed for search and better interaction between IT recruiters and job seekers, to minimize the timing of closing a vacancy and increase the effectiveness of collaboration. It contains the AI and the whole range of useful tools used by various other services that provide the platform with great opportunities.

The advantage of Talentwunder is its active sourcing – a large base that helps a recruiter to easily find a suitable candidate without leaving the platform in a short time. Filters help narrow the circle of candidates, including even restrictions on the location in kilometers.

In comparison, TalentScan.Pro has more than 1 million active profiles, and a recruiter can also search for candidates at other sites using an X-Ray request.

Additionally, the TalentScan.Pro’s Chrome extension allows you to leave comments and add candidates to the vacancy being surfing on Linkedin, Github, Stackoverflow, etc. After the candidate was added, the platform processes this profile and finds additional accounts on social networks and contact information.

The Talentwunder’s ATS system makes it possible to leave reminders, which is especially convenient in cases where the applicant for whatever reason, did not fit the criteria but may be an excellent candidate for the next open vacancies.

The main disadvantages of Talentwunder – when the recruiter changing the status of the candidate, he has to transfer the profile from the long list to the next stage. As well as “not combined profiles”, when the user has to manually merge the candidate profiles from different social networks.

The developers of TalentScan.Pro automated these processes, including the ability to transfer the candidate to the next stage while being on the social network web page or responding to candidates’ emails by using the Chrome extension.

Summing up the results – Talentwunder is more suitable for those recruiters who work with a small number of requests and with the requirement to find local applicants in the German-speaking sector. TalentScan.Pro will be a great solution, both for freelance recruiters who work with several clients and for agencies with a large number of requests.

Talentwunder  TalentScan.Pro
Trial-period is discussed individually

Minimum term of use:
12 months

Subscription price:
5000 EUR per year for 1 user

Trial-period up to 14 days

Minimum term of use:
30 days

Subscription price:
499 USD per month for up to 10 users

5 users per year 25 000 EUR 5 users per year 5 000 USD
10 users per year 50 000 EUR 10 users per year 5 000 USD


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