Platform update

Again we improve the flexibility of the service for the most convenient and comfortable use.

The ability to quickly add and remove candidates to the Long or Short List. Plus, a quick look in which sheets, for what vacancy and under what status is the candidate.

The long-awaited improvement is custom statuses.




When you add a candidate to the Short List, you can now create your own statuses. This can be a plain text status







Or the ability to assign a specific date and time.






Active Vacancies Information Panel

Now the colored icons show the number of candidates at a certain stage.

Candidates panel:

 1 NEW  – Those who sent you their candidacy themselves through JobBoard. When you click, you immediately get to the candidate in Inbox.

 9  – Number of candidates in LongList.

 4  – Number of candidates in ShortList.

Behind is the details for each stage of the candidate in the short list. By clicking on a certain button, the candidate tab is moved to the appropriate stage.

In more detail with the work of the platform you can get acquainted by registering for DEMO.

Or go to pay for test access to all available features:

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