WebSummit 2017

It’s time to talk about the WebSummit 2017 conference – how it went and give some advice for future participants.


From 6 to 9 November 2017, Lisbon hosted WebSummit 2017, the largest technology conference in the world. The TalentScan.pro platform was presented in the Alpha section, where the projects were located prior to the first round of investments, in the pavilion of HR & Recruitment.

It’s time to talk about the exhibition – how it went and give some advice for future participants.

Preparation for the exhibition. Do this gradually and thoroughly. The first is to make a schedule of lectures because without preparation it will not be possible to use time rationally. Second – if you are interested in investments, it is necessary to agree on meetings in advance. Write to investors through the application of the event, find other contacts, but do not plan to find the right person at the event itself. Investors every minute is planned, and if you can communicate even a few minutes with the right person – you are lucky.

Is it worth it to participate? Certainly. For young teams, this is very valuable because it is possible to attract the target audience to your product and get instant feedback. Just look at competitors from around the world in one place. You can meet like-minded people and people with similar projects, and even cooperate in the future.

Contacts. Scans the badge through the application or immediately take a business card – because if you miss the right contact, it will not be so easy to find it. In order to make it easier to parse many business cards a few days after the event, fix the contacts more originally. To cut the business card, make a short note on it, take a picture with the contact or turn on the phone and dictate brief information about the leader – nothing will be superfluous.

Self-expression. We “refused” from the usual business cards and made the original in the form of boxes that are not so easy to forget. It should be something emotional – printed materials, stickers or gifts.

Communication. Do not be afraid to get acquainted and ask questions – the more of them, the sooner you understand your client or not yours. Leave the modesty at home, and begin communication.

The most popular questions. What do you do? At what stage is the product? In which countries are they represented? What is the source of profit? Formulate clear and understandable answers.

Take at least one day off after the show. Emotions need to be fixed and this day will be one of the most memorable.

There were a lot of startups for HR and recruitment. But in all implemented only a small part of the automation of the recruitment process, which only slightly simplifies the work. TalentScan.pro analogues, which provide a full cycle with a lot of microservices, were not presented, and we are pleased with the result.

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