Reduce cost per interview by 25%

Live updating profiles. The level of communication among recruiters becomes overall, due to what the profiles of candidates are always updated, contain up-to-date information. Button for forced updating of information from social networks and GitHub, plus the search for alternative contacts.

No duplicate profiles. Careful work with duplicates, alternative emails and contact information. User can combine not only profiles, but the entire history and pipeline.

Import your database. After downloading the user database, the robot is automatically searching for alternative contacts, taking information from social networks and data from GitHub.

Data security. The base of job seekers with contacts remains in the company, even after the recruiter’s departure. Data can be downloaded only at management’s request.

Monitoring of recruiters. Tracking the number of contacts opened by a recruiter. Information about exceeding the limit and attempts to download information unauthorized.

Dashboard. Detailed information about the results and effectiveness of the team and recruiters separately.

Artificial Intelligence. More simple, accurately search and reduce the time of finding relevant candidates through machine learning. Special algorithm for tracking the behavior of a candidate with a vacancy, mailing, as well as a recruiter with a vacancy and Long/Short lists.

Notification system. Candidates who are not considered for a job do not receive notifications. Work with HR brand and build positive relations with candidates.

Candidates analysis. Analysis of the job seekers behavior with the vacancies and skills that are required for the vacancy, to improve the relevance of candidates and send notifications.

Informing. Distribution only on a cloud of skills 5+ for the selection of the most competent candidates. Acceleration the stage of informing applicants is 10 times, in comparison with the invitation in LinkedIn, 5 times more efficient than sending letters by automatic transfer and analysis of data that will be reflected in the dashboard.

Additional services. No needings to buy paid services LinkedIn and others.

Reducing the time of searching candidates. All resources in one window: informing through the social network by the history of the relationship with the candidate, commenting and adding information in one click, searching for alternative contacts of the candidate.

Servers. The platform runs on secure Amazon servers.

Payment. Ability of payment SEPA, SWIFT. Provision of special corporate conditions.

Integration and start. Start working in less than 1 hour. The ability to provide the necessary information in your system through the API. The possibility of integration with your system.