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Search Console (SC)

Simultaneous cross-search multiple job search sites, social networking for professionals and relevant communities, as well as a private candidate database with automatic merging of contacts and alternative e-mail for each candidate.

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Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Tools of Automation and systematization the process of attracting and searching candidates for a vacancy. Gathering information about the candidates (CV and other documents of correspondence). Collection of statistics of interaction with potential candidates. Planning an interview. In the card of the candidate, you can immediately see when and which candidate was showed to the client.

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Smart CRM

Recording and storage of history of interaction with candidates and clients. Maintenance the recruitment and collection of statistics at every stage of interaction. Automatically updated statuses, ratings of technical skills in cards of candidates will tell you the vector of development of each of them.

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Labor Automation

Importing profiles from professional social networks with the help of a click, analysis of technical skills with the help of AI, automatically search for alternative contacts, built-in tools of automation will release you from the routine and make your work comfortable.

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