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Tools for Recruiting

Importing profiles from professional social networks with the help of a click, analysis of technical skills with the help of AI, automatically search for alternative contacts, built-in tools of automation will release you from the routine and make your work comfortable.

TalentScan Lite Chrome plugin 

It allows you to add quickly candidates from Linkedin to the Long or the Short list stage, thus maintaining their profiles in your database of candidates. This happens regardless of the circle of your connections and with a click of one button.

To make the transition from candidate profile on LinkedIn to their profile on the platform TalentScan.

The ability to post comments to the profile of the candidate right from his page on LinkedIn. Regardless of where a comment was written (Search console, the candidate profile or on a page of the professional network), all the changes are visible on LinkedIn, and pages TalentScan.

Built-in Automation Tools

  • Parser summary to transfer the skills of the candidate from CV to the summary card of the candidate
  • Automatic determination of alternative e-mails and contact information
  • The algorithm of  candidates ranking in the search results
  • The parser of the skills of the projects on Github to confirm the candidates ‘ skills