TalentScan Lite

Chrome Plugin

Use AI to automate candidate sourcing.
Work with a vacancy directly on the candidate's page on the Internet.
Get the list of most appropriate candidates automatically.
Retrieve information and contacts from Linkedin, Monster, Dice, Facebook, Github, StackoverFlow and other websites.

Import profiles with one click, perform AI sourcing as well as basic search and get contact details.

TalentScan integrates with Greenhouse ATS and allows you export to CSV to work with any ATS.
For those who don’t use any ATS yet we provide our own basic Applicant Tracking System.

  • Legally!
  • AI-powered automated sourcing
  • No duplicates
  • Support teamwork
  • Work with a vacancy directly on the candidate’s page on the Internet
  • Collection and storage of the entire history of interaction with the candidate Delegate routine to the machine – enjoy live communication!