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Search Console

Simultaneous cross-search multiple job search sites, social networking for professionals and relevant communities, as well as a private candidate database with automatic merging of contacts and alternative e-mail for each candidate.

Search Console is a panel of cross-search that allows you to search candidates on multiple job sites, social networks and communities of IT professionals and our own database of candidates in one window. No more dozens of open browser windows.

The search takes place simultaneously on these resources:

  1. LinkedIn
  2. GitHub
  3. Stack Overflow
  4. TurboHiring 
  5. Rabota.ua
  6. Work.ua
  7. Your base of applicants

Why Sould The Recruiter Use Search Console?

  • With one click, the recruiter specifies a search request simultaneously on multiple resources and get the result on one page.
  • Unique algorithm for ranking the skills of the candidate allows you to find qucikly the best candidates from your search results.
  • The ability to customize the search with using Boolean operations for skills and tags, the ability to specify additional filters for experience level, country, city and other features (for example, a candidate has unsubscribed).
  • You can add candidates directly from the search results to Long and/or Short List right to the right stage of the recruitment funnel
  • The ability to send personalized notifications of relevant vacancies to the candidates directly from the search results
  • Quick access to the contact details of the selected candidate.